How Buyer's and Seller's Markets Impact Homes for Sale

By Alfred Ardis


Nothing is as fickle as real estate. Housing prices may rise or fall for any number of reasons. Although they can make investing in your own property a bit of a risk, with a little bit of knowledge the informed shopper can easily make the best decision possible when looking at homes for sale.

Buyer's Market

Simply put, a buyer's market is a result of the economic principle of supply and demand. In this case, there are more properties in supply (i.e. for sale) than there is a demand for them, meaning that those looking to invest in real estate have a lot of options to choose from. Supply and demand fluctuate depending on how many new customers enter an area and how many homeowners in the region have decided to stay in their properties.

In these circumstances, there are plentiful homes for sale, which favors those interested in investing in residential property. The geographic region and price ranges are favorable and the cost to purchase is relatively low.

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Do I Need a Mortgage Professional?

By Kimberley Ash


Buying and owning a home, exciting. Searching and arranging for a home loan that fits your financial situation on your own, not so exciting. Many homeowners find the home loan process can be complex and time consuming. A mortgage broker can compare the wide range of loans available in the market on your behalf and use their expect knowledge to find the one that best suits your specific needs and circumstances. Moreover, they will manage the application for you, taking care of all the paperwork.

What Is a Mortgage Professional?

A mortgage broker is a middleman between the borrower and the lender, who negotiates the loan on your behalf. A good mortgage broker should have in depth knowledge about all the lender's products, processes and their policies.

A mortgage broker operates independently from individual banks and lenders. A good mortgage professional will use their expert knowledge and expertise to guide borrowers by on the many loans available in the marketplace.

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